Why I Love My Sport


Swimming benefits

I was resting between sets, and saw him come onto the pool deck. He was elderly, moving slowly, and a  bit awkwardly. He sat down at the edge of the pool, removed his prosthetic leg, slid into the water and began to swim. He no longer looked elderly or awkward, no longer showed any sign of the missing leg. I realized then how much I loved my sport.

Why I love the water/swimming:

  • Water is a great equalizer
  • All of us must face the same challenges (breathing, moving, floating)
  • Weightlessness and lack of impact are a godsend for folks rehabbing from injury
  • It’s a forgiving environment for those dealing with the side effects of aging
  • Things considered a “disability” on land often don’t matter in the water
  • Having more body fat actually helps you in the water (fat floats better than muscle)
  • Swimming uses every part of your body, and uses it bilaterally
  • Having even rudimentary skills in the water can save your life
  • It’s some of the best cardio exercise you can get
  • Everyone feels equally vulnerable in the lack of clothing
  • You don’t stink at the end of your workout

I feel like I probably have about a million more reasons and examples, but I won’t go on and on about it. You’re welcome. 🙂


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